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interesting hifi sites

High-end systems around the world

http://cpskal.gr/system_member.htm#world     A site brimming with highly sophisticated, cutting-edge audio-systems. Of particular interest are the 'no-holds-barred' DIY speaker-systems of the calbre that have inspired similar offerings from established companies such as Avant-Garde, Acapella, Magico, and others.

Re: "My friends' Systems"   -   Nuance & Fluence

 http://www.arduman.com/aa/Sayfalar/friends.htm  For other interesting audio-systems similar (if less exotic) to those of 'High-End Systems Around the World', refer to "My Friends' Systems"  directly at;   http://www.arduman.com/aa/Sayfalar/friends.htm

Audio voice acoustics

Click; Audio Voice Acoustics:   Links to webpages with pictures and descriptions of Audio Systems with horn speakers. Here you can link to interesting homepages about horns and speakers, you have found on the net

High-end audio shows - world-wide (by audiogon)

http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/events.pl       Pictorial coverage of many high-end audio-shows, by Audiogon

high-end audio  (the audio critique)  web-zine


http://www.high-endaudio.com/       In depth information and advice about audio components, recordings, music reproduction in the home and criticism of the audio press and the audio industry .

:REVIEWING THE REVIEWER OF THE REVIEWERS: The author of this site, Arthur Salvatore, is highly-experienced, an excellent writer, meticulous with his points, and brutally-blunt in expressing them - he takes no prisoners, so to speak.  The section of that site entitled, 'Reviewing The Reviewers', incidentally, is the source of inspiration for one of my own articles about the mainstream audio-press - I don't mind admitting. [However, we differ(ed?) on a few important points, as one of my later articles on 'The Lower-Midrange...' illustrates.]

Nevertheless, I believe all serious audiophiles should read the Audio Critique. Just remember; no one is ever perfect (we're all living-proof of that theory). 



Still; highly-recommended.



Goodsound club   (romy the cat's audio-site)

http://www.goodsoundclub.com/      English may not be his native language, but the author of this site does share some pertinent views on the subject of high-end audio. His audio-system, especially the DIY amps and speakers, is deserving of the utmost respect!   [See the system's front-end and amplification here;  http://www.goodsoundclub.com/Playback/MyPlayback.aspx   and the speaker-system here;   http://www.goodsoundclub.com/MacondoAcousticSystem.aspx ].

The tape project

http://www.tapeproject.com/     Advocating the ultimate source in audio-reproduction - Reel to reel 2trk 15ips tape-machines, and soft-ware!

the audiophile  b-s  page

http://s88932719.onlinehome.us/audio_bs.htm   This intro is from the web-site: 

"Warning, if you are an audiophile who is easily offended, or has no sense of humor, please don't read this!

If you are someone who knows music and electronics, you will crack up as you read some of the hilarious drivel that follows! It was partly inspired by an old issue of MAD Magazine back in the 1960s!

Audio lovers seem to have more talent for appreciating music than they do for choosing words. So we dedicate this web site to all of the "Golden Ears" crowd.

Their descriptions of the electronic sound-idols they worship, are nothing short of hilarious! You will see them talk in terms of women, traffic, food - ANYTHING to try to appear sophisticated and knowledgeable and thus avoid using commonly understood linguistic terms!

Is 'Audiophilia' a disease or a religion? How else is it that these bozos believe that they actually hear the things that they say they do?

These folks are the victims of the over-priced "HIGH-END" audio manufacturers and vendors, and they are indeed their legitimate prey! "