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audio magazines guide  -  (a directory linking the best hifi / High-end magazines)

audioenz  (new zealand)

Audio ideas guide   (Canada)

Audio-video    (south africa)

audio file   (Malaysia)

audiophilia   (canada)

Audio-perfectionist  (us)

audio xpress  (us)

audio-video-revolutio.com   (us)

audiophile audition   (us)

audio musings  (us)

Audio & Sound systems   (iran)

american wired  (us)


bound for sound   (us) ***

cine now   (uk)

Dagogo   (us) ***

desirable audio boutique   (singapore)

enjoy the music.com   (us) ***


goodsound  (us)

hifi heaven.com  (us)

Hifi world  (uk)

hifi choice  (uk)

high-end news.com  (finland)

home theatre  (us) **

high-end audio  (us) ****

high-end Audio matters  (us)

Inner ear report   (canada)

IAR -  International audio/video review  ****

masters on audio / video  (canada)

nuance & fluences   (turkey)


on home-theatre   (us)

Positive feedback  (us)  ****

Regonaudio  (us)  ***

secrets home theatre high fidelity

Sound practices magazine    [Courtesy of; Enjoy the music.com]

six moons.com  (us)  ***

soundstage!   e-mag  (us) ***


stereo times   (us) ***

stereophile **** - the original & best - by the late, great; J. Gordon Holt

  The current editor of Stereophile magazine shamelessly tells us that founder J. Gordon Holt. Gordon had been technical editor of High Fidelity magazine in the 1950s, and was tired of being asked to pander to the demands of advertisers. J.G.H. was quoted as saying that he watched, first with incredulity and then with growing disgust, how the purchase of a year's advertising contract could virtually insure a manufacturer against publication of an unfavorable report...  And if a company didn't buy advertising, they didn't get reviewed at all. The Stereophile, as it was then called, was JGH's answer to audiophiles' need for an honest, reliable source of information. Stereophile's current ed shamelessly proclaims that JGH founded Stereophile based on the premise that; if no one else will publish a magazine that calls the shots as it sees them, then he'd do it himself - as he later wrote.]


Contrast that with the Stereophile of today. Is it, and others like it (T.A.S., for instance) the current standard-bearer(s) for the likes of High-Fidelity magazine's principles & practices?

stereophile  (us)  **

stereo 411.com  

10 Audio   (us)

The absolute sound - TAS - (us)  **

the audiophile voice

TNT Audio   (italy)

The sensible sound

waj on audio  ****


Other magazines  (in languages other than English)


audio   (polish)

Audio   (German)

audio review    (german)

Audio lifestyle   (polish)

audio   (norwegian)

hifi4all.dk    (danish)

hifimagasinet    (swedish)

lyd & bilde    (norwegian)

stereo    (german)

stereo & video    (czech)

suono    (italian)

the tube amp doctor    (german)