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  • The moniker, 'High-End Audio', carries with it an aura of elitism. And, yes, there are some who revel in this aura as they gush about the cost of their gear - more power to them. But what the mainstream audio-press won't tell you is that true high-end sound, surpassing the quality of some of the most expensive, can also be achieved on a relatively reasonable budget thru prudent choices. This we'll explore in the coming months. In the mean-time, check out the thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial articles below, and keep checking this site - there's more to come, I promise. CLICK ON the TITLE(s) and enjoy!

  • These are links to forums on which WAJ (a.k.a., waj4all) has participated. The discussions are based on WAJ on AUDIO articles, and on high-end audio issues in general.

  • Some of the writer's favorite articles from various sources. Mainly, these are of relevance to issues WAJ on AUDIO has already addressed (some of which may be further explored, among other issues, in the weeks and months to come).