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Why This Thread Was Removed

Readers may have wondered what has happened to the series of e-mails that bore the chronicle of a system-build. This is to inform you that I've removed it. 


Well, basically, it turned out to be more trouble than it's worth, really. Perhaps I should expand: In May of 2012, I received an e-mail from a reader who solicited my assistance in building one of the systems highlighted as examples in my article; 'High-End Audio on a Budget...'.

Cutting a very long story short, I undertook this endeavor, free of charge, literally spoon-feeding this individual over a period of 5 months, explaining in detail what gear to buy and why. (In turn, I was showered with questions about gear we needn't have considered - consuming time and effort in explaining the un-necessary too). Several of the items were even sourced for him, and certain mods to certain equipment were also specified. Apart from my natural inclination to be helpful, my incentive for this was to have an individual, independent of WAJ on AUDIO, verify the veracity of the points espoused at my site since all these points, principles, and philosophies are incorporated in my design of his system. We mutually agreed that this process might be helpful to others, and so he claimed to have no problem with the publishing of the thread of our correspondence, as long as his name was changed. This, along with his other requests, were complied with, and the first 4-parts of the 6-part thread were published with his notification, and approval.

However, after a few pieces of the proposed system were pressed into service, and after having gotten an idea of how outstandingly realistic the system was, even before it was finished, he now began to make spurious claims as to the responsibility for its design. This; along with downplaying WAJ on AUDIO's actual responsibility, obviously. This I could not allow, bearing in mind that my main incentive for putting-up with this character was; as stated above. The last two parts of this thread reflected this discord. His 'review' of the system (and his utterances leading up to it) amounted to 'the last straw' as his claims, supplied for me to publish, were now even more blatant in their audacity.

Naturally, my response reflected my disgust at this display. Excerpts of the thread were used to highlight the fictitious nature of his claims and, I'm sure, the truth may have caused him some discomfiture. I'm confident that this is also the real cause of his subsequent actions.

Not being able to mount a full-frontal attack based on the real reasons for his ire, he now claims that my 2-letter abbreviation of his name was not enough to shield him from being recognized by others. He also claims that HIS references to a certain city would also assist others in identifying him. Do remember that these issues he now complains of were also ensconced in the previous four parts of the thread he'd already approved of - but now it's a problem. He goes on to make other claims of similar merit, and now threatens me with legal action. 

After having sent me an e-mail requesting that I change certain names (which I'm sure I don't recognize, and never used) and that I remove HIS many references to that city, my response was this: I'd have no problem in removing those names if he could specify where they are. I also offered to remove references to entities and owners of those entities which I'm sure I did make - not that there's anything wrong with the references per se, but since the context showed him up in an unflattering light (fully warranted by him, once the truth was exposed) I could see where he may have been uncomfortable. However, I also informed him that HIS references to that city were too numerous for me to go to the trouble of erasing every one (do remember he'd approved it before). He replied, insisting that I do. And I informed him that the simple solution was for me to delete the whole thread, which I've DONE.


Well, this is virtually a 'non-profit' site, which doesn't even cover the costs in running it. I've nothing to gain by having that thread displayed (except, perhaps, 'credibility' - my motivation in the endeavor). Therefore, that thread is not worth the trouble it caused in having to contend with that character (even in the process of the build) let alone now, when I'm done with it, to go back in search of HIS numerous references to his city. That's bull-sh.. - I don't need it!

Summarizing, so far; an individual begs for help in building an outstanding system. I spend 5-months assisting this individual. All my spare-time was consumed by this project - unusually, no new article was produced at my relevant web-site, during this time. This individual was so happy with the resulting system, even before it was finished, that he was motivated to say things to this effect:

... blown away by the realism of the system. ... never had an expectation for this level. Exceeds expectations.....


... can't believe that following advice sight unseen could produce something so excellent. A lot of advice out there and lots of opinion . Following yours has produced good results so far.... 

Yet, the same individual (who'd repeatedly admitted to being inept at such things, and with the backdrop of a thread which mercilessly refutes his claim, exposing the facts of ALL my specifications and recommendations) later turns around to say this:

I realize that the system I put together was not what you specified or recommended but don't get hung up on that. your articles and our emails inspired me down this path and I built a solid system that I'm happy with and is providing great pleasure. Inspiring people through writing is very powerful and you should be proud of that.

And when I highlight the truth (by way of the same thread, with his own words and mine) this same individual threatens legal action. For what?

He hints at damages incurred due to his being identified by others. It's impossible that this could occur - based on anything I've said - since I never publicly identified the gentleman, as the record shows. But even if this were so, on a purely superficially-speculative level, such tentative identification would be based on mostly HIS references to the city, etc. (as he also claims) which HE had approved. And, if truth be told, none of this would be of any possible consequence if he didn't utter statements which conflict with the truth - as exhibited by the published thread. If he has a problem, then this is the obvious reason for it.

Well, I've also taken legal advice. Unlike that individual, there's nothing in that thread, that I've said, that conflicts with the truth. (Speaking of which; I've also been informed that I have strong grounds for 'action' - which I have no interested in, if only this fellow would simply go away). Nor is there anything in contravention of agreed points; an e-mail he highlights he'd requested to be omitted was, in fact, omitted. The fact that I commented on certain points of said e-mail does not contravene said request - the e-mail was omitted, as requested. Neither are those comments of ANY conceivable consequence to him, whatsoever. Furthermore, I've respected his every request - my latest actions attest to that. And the e-mails exist to substantiate that, throughout our association.

On the other hand; since this affair, my computer has been attacked several times. I'm also wondering if the cyber-equivalent of 'stalking' is being perpetrated: During my dealings with this character, I've received some sinister e-mails. However, these seem to have been stepped-up in regularity, of late. I once admonished him over some transgression (refusal to state the budget we're working with, and the size of his listening-room, I believe). One minute after he e-mailed part of the required info, I received a mysterious e-mail from an unknown source criticizing the design of my (non-profit) site, and offering pro-services for its design. Pro-services to design a FREE non-profit site, which already serves the purpose of benefiting at least one individual, as it is. (Could this have been an example of 'biting the hand that feeds you' - while being fed?) On another occasion, I'd indicated to the gentleman that, after my experience with him, I would NEVER embark on a similar endeavor without charging a fee since it's not worth the hassle. Shortly there-after, I received an e-mail from India, identically soliciting my help in building an audio-system. (That is the second ever such request, counting his - to this date).

But most sinister of all is what follows: In threatening legal action, this individual had indicated that he'd exercise his initiative in taking steps to ascertain my full name, etc. - only first-names were used in our correspondence. [His initial e-mail with the-above requests was sent on 12-20-12 (I didn't notice it until 12-29-12, when I checked my mails at that address).] Then, some twisted  degenerate creep (let's not say it's him) found a site with my name on it, and sent it to me, on 3 separate occasions; the 27th, 28th, and 29th of December, 2012. After I replied to the gentleman informing him of the erasure of the thread, on Saturday night, the 29th, I received another e-mail early Sunday morning, the 30th, linked to the same site. Apparently, some creep (I'm not saying it's him) was trying to indicate to me that they knew my name - in an extremely sinister manner - behavior usually found in maniacs who resort to 'stalking', annonymous phone-calls with heavy-breathing, cowardly back-stabbing, 'bushwacking', and more. And what's even more interesting is that all these e-mails were linked to comments affixed to a copy of the very article, 'High-End Audio on a Budget...', which this individual had cited as the one which inspired him to contact me in the first place. Here's a link to that site, with the 'harmless' comments which were e-mailed to me. Be advised that, for the 2 years that article existed there, no comment was ever made, previously. Coincidence? (I'm sure no reasonable individual would doubt the source of these depraved and intimidatory acts). And it certainly is harassment, by whosoever is responsible - I doubt even the 'court of public-opinion' would find otherwise. I'm very sure the source of those comments can be traced – I’m also sure a connection to the real source WILL be made, regardless of how deeply insulated.

If indications are correct, the beneficiary of my assistance may be a semi-prominent mid to low-level functionary in a very prominent organization - honesty and trustworthiness, I'd assume, are prerequisites for such positions. (Functionaries displaying anything other than that, even in their personal dealings, would be an embarassment - to say the least - with dire consequences, I'm sure). WAJ on AUDIO is a little-known web-site maintained in my spare-time, and on which I do not depend for an income - honesty and trustworthiness are very obvious features of this site. Based on all we've seen; who then has more to lose by taking this to un-necessary levels? (And my full name is Winston Alexander James, by the way, no need for anyone to go to sinister lengths to gather that - and make sure you get the spelling right, if you opt to use it). Perhaps he'd like to really expose himself by blowing this whole affair out of proportion, and to make this site famous, in the process, I wouldn't mind that too much.

Having received unwarranted and unwelcome harassing mail even AFTER I've deleted the thread, if this or any similar action continues, then I'll not only reinstate the thread as-is, but it will be published on all the prominent social-networks; Facebook, Twitter, etc. and on every other forum available - no lawful avenue would be spared. (The thread shows the truth and, in the process, it exposes profound truths about an individual, and certain behavioral proclivities).  I'd much prefer for this affair and this individual to just go away but, if not, then I'm coming out fighting. I'm confident in my writings, my actions, and my prospects. And I will not be harassed, or intimidated.

Depending on an in-depth legal examination of the situation, later this week, I'll decide whether or not the thread will be reinstated. Suffice to say, re-appearance of the thread will be an indication of a confirmed air-tight and solidly defensible position, on my part - as all the facts so far indicate.

For the moment, though, let's just wish this individual 'happy listening' to the system HE designed. (Wish I could do as good a job at such things).

All the best - and enjoy the music!



1-2-12 Update:

A face-to-face meeting with legal-council, today, confirmed what was always suspected. My case is solid. The gentleman had agreed to the publishing of his part in the thread, and repeatedly re-affirmed this along with his satisfaction with it, as far as part-4 (and also after recieving my e-mailed response to his review). Therefore he'd already sanctioned the moniker substituted for his name, and the appearance of HIS references to the city, as acceptable. That's item 1.

Nevertheless, since my spouse has volunteered to do it, I'll have those changed in accordance with his request, before reinstating the thread. It's no big deal, now that someone else opts to do it - I certainly wouldn't. In fact, I'll go further. I'll acede to his every request, as presented in his e-mail to me. That takes care of any other item of his concern. I'll go even further than that by removing any other reference he could possibly object to, in my commentary in part-6 - the trimmings. All that will remain is the truth (as before) but without the trimmings. All of these are much easier to do than those concerning HIS numerous references to the city. The truth - I suspect - may be the real problem. (Of course, copies of the originals will be held, in their original state, pending any eventualities).

I sincerely do not harbor any inclination to publicly identify this individual, against his wishes. Nor do I harbor any malicious intent. I do admit to my disgust at certain actions, and this may have been reflected in the tone of my response to his 'review' (though certainly not designed to identify him) but my vexation has long passed. My references to a certain sporting activity were absolutely sincere as I'm, understandably, a big fan of that team. My best wishes for the team in the upcoming game were absolutely genuine.

If, after all the adjustments to shield him even more than before, this individual still opts to reveal himself to all and sundry by engaging in a game of 'trivial-pursuit', then so be it. That's a route which could lead to his ridicule, or even demise (when people realize what he's capable of - as the evidence shows). Such a route could also lead to WAJ on AUDIO's fame, so why should I object too strongly? That is; except for the un-necessary hassle of the process, of course.

I certainly don't doubt that mainstream newspapers would be interested in following the details of this case, if it were to reach that point - especially considering the parties involved here, and the obvious implications.

After long contemplation, I've decided this thread is worth the trouble, after all. If the web-site itself is worth the trouble that's gone into it, then this thread is also worth the trouble. After all, three months of intensive work went into it, in addition to two months of waiting on a 'review' - precluding the publishing of any other article during the whole 5-month period. This is not his thread - my work is invested in it. And the extent and depth of my involvement, the bulk of my assistance to this indiividual (though unspoken, specifically) was conditional to the fact that this thread would be published, as agreed. Moreover, there is a distinct possibility that this thread may assist others, just as there's a possiblity that this site may do the same (both thread and site certainly helped him). Therefore, if the site itself is worth the trouble, then this thread is also worth the trouble, for the same reasons.

This story could not have been more bizzare if it were a work of fiction written by the master of bizzare; Alfred Hitchcock. I'm sure many would find it difficult to believe: Imagine if you were to respond to a plea for help. You neglect other interests in dedicating months of your spare-time to the project, and reward the individual with the design, specs and recommendation (even sourcing several of the components) of an audio-system which  causes him to say he's 'blown away by the realism of the system...', that it 'exceeds expectations..', etc., etc. (This; with a view to helping others - like him - thru the publishing of the process). Yet, the same individual later rewards you by claiming to be the one responsible for your work. And when you counter that by highlighting the truth (partly thru his own words in the thread) this same individual who has benefited from your kindness and 'expertise', free of cost, now threatens you with a law-suit. How absolutely sick is that?

Considering that all expressed concerns (and more) concerning possible identification of the individual will have been addressed in the soon-to-be-reinstated thread, let's see what actually transpires.

Stay tuned!




Thread reinstated (revised edition - with all expressed concerns addressed).



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