Met with the guy who is going to deal with the TT.  Amazing.  He is strictly vintage audio and been in the business for many years. Py Acoustics [Name changed - WAJ]. We talked about the plinth and mods to the tt.

I'm still uncertain about the arm.  At this point Im thinking I may want to go with a new arm instead of a used that I have to fix etc.  (Py sells Ortofon so that's what he suggests.  I'd like to stay in the $1k range.  Im not going to go with the SME 3009 this time around.  Ive heard too many negative reports even if they are rewired.


BTW - I listened to different tts,  some with heavy plinths and some with 30-40 lbs and not too many mods.  My impression was the ones that try to dampen the tt significantly do a good job of damping the sound .  It sounds like a CD - bright but dull.  The ones that modified major faults with the tt and set it in good plinth with good arm and cartridge sounded alive.

Im going to go with birch plywood plinth and not do the XYZ at this point.  I can add it if I'm not happy with the sound.  I need to choose good arm and matching cartridge and I'm done.





Heard one - it was great



If you have anything to add to these ideas  - let me know.  It looks like if I want to go new and good its going to be more like $1,200 as the floor.



.I have no further comment to offer on tt or XYZ issues - you've demonstrated a determination to go it alone on the tt, so I'll leave that at that.

For the tonearm, I've repeatedly mentioned the Linn Ittok (which is the most easily mountable to the Lenco's top-plate - a straight swap). Horror-stories generated by those with an agenda should be recoginzed as such. As long as due deligence is exercised, this is not much different from buying any other used item.

I'd also mentioned that it may be to your advantage to have two tone-arm mounts (i.e. the original mount on the top-plate - covered, if not in use - and another, positioned for a 12" arm, on the plinth). Even if only one arm is presently in prospect (or ever) this might be the prudent strategy, in readiness for any eventuallity the future may hold - including re-sale.

Considering the increase in the arm-budget, I'd now include the original VPI JMW 12 in my considerations (new).[The JMW 10 is also well reputed.] I believe 12" arms have certain advantages over shorter arms. This one can later be upgraded, with the available parts, to the 12.5 model, and perhaps even the 12.7. This is better than the Ittok, which costs less than half the price and is, itself, better than several that cost more. The only arms which are signifnificantly better than the VPI cost somewhere near 5k, to more than 10.

If the Ortofon your builder sells is the 12"er (the309, I believe) then it's reputedly a good arm - though certainly not as good as the 12.7 VPI

The Clearaudio Satisfy (9"er) is also deserving of consideration, tho there are issues which cause me to put it at the bottom of this list.

Btw, do not take the AudioCritique's rating system (and opinions) lightly, they're the most credible and accurate I know of in the audioplile world (not including my own opinions, of course) everything you're told to the contrary (about audio-gear) could literally be thrown thru the window. Make your task easy by heeding his recommendations, if not mine. If you confine your choices to those in Class B or C, according to your budget, then you can't go wrong. I can't make the likelyhood of a good choice, on your part, any easier for you.

Let me know if you get this.